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The Grower's Glossary


Oscillating Fan Intensity

Place fans at a safe distance from plants to avoid excessive wind stress, aiming for a gentle, swaying motion in the leaves.

Adjusting Oscillating Fans

Adjust the fan speed and direction periodically to prevent stagnant air pockets and ensure even distribution of airflow.

Using Oscillating Fans

Strategically position oscillating fans to create gentle, consistent airflow throughout the entire canopy of your cannabis plants.

Seedling-To-Veg Humidity

Transition seedlings to a slightly lower humidity environment as they grow to encourage the development of a robust root system.

Humidity Domes

Consider using a humidity dome to create a consistently moist environment around the germinating seeds.

Germination Patience

Maintain patience during germination; some seeds may take longer to sprout, and interference can disrupt the process.